EPON equipment 

The configuration of EPON equipment is basically the same. The article on this site takes ZTE’s ZXA10 model and Huawei’s box-type pigtail fiber-1:2 (10/90)-optical splitter as examples.

1. OLT equipment

ZXA10 C220, the device panel diagram is shown in Figure 1.

EPON equipment
Figure 1 – Panel diagram of ZXA10 C220 device

(1) Single board configuration.

ZXA10 C220 system board mainly includes main control switch board GCSA/GCSD, EPON line card EPFC, GPON line card GPFA, 10G EPON line card EPXS, Ethernet uplink board EIG/EIGM/EIGF/EIGMP/EIT1F/EIT2F, circuit emulation board CE1B/CE1BB/CL1A, etc.

(2) The main board functions are introduced.

1) Exchange the control board GCSA/GCSAS/GCSD. The switching control board is the core of the ZXA10 C220 system, which completes the control and management functions of the entire system and realizes non-blocking switching of various line cards in the system. The C220 switching control board has three types: A-type switching control board GCSA, AS-type switching control board GCSAS and D-type switching control board GCSD.

2) 4-way C-type EPON central office single board EPFC. The EPFC acts as an EPON central office board. The board provides 4 EPON optical ports for downstream access to ONU terminals. The EPFC single board provides 4 EPON optical interfaces, which mainly complete the related functions of the OLT side in the EPON system, support connection with a variety of PON ONUs, and meet the requirements of CTC interoperability testing.

3) 1 channel 10G EPON central office single board EPXS. EPXS is used as a 10G EPON central office board. The board provides an asymmetric 10G EPON optical port, which is connected to the ONU terminal in the downlink. The EPXS single board provides 1 channel of 10G EPON optical interface, which mainly completes the related functions of the OLT side in the 10G EPON system, supports connection with a variety of PON ONUs, and meets the requirements of CTC interoperability testing.

4) 4-way GPON central office single board GPFA. GPFA is a GPON central office single board, which can provide 4 GPON optical ports, and can be configured with Class B+ optical modules or Class C+ optical modules.

5) Ethernet interface board (EIG/EIGM/EIGF/EIGMP). EIG/EIGM/EIGF/EIGMP line cards provide 4 Ethernet Gigabit or 100M optical/electrical ports, which can be used for uplink or downlink LAN access. The EIG board provides 4×GE optical ports, and the EIGF board provides 2×FE optical ports+2×GE optical ports, EIGM single board provides 2×GE optical ports + 2×10/100/1000Base-T electrical ports or 4×10/100/1000Base-T electrical ports, EIGMP is an enhanced optoelectronic hybrid interface board.

6) 10GE optical interface board (EIT1F/EIT2F). There are two types of 10GE optical interface boards, EIT1F and EIT2F, which respectively provide one and two 10GE optical ports for device uplink.

7) 32×E1 circuit emulation board CE1B/CE1BB (CES mode). The 32E1 interface board includes a 75Ω unbalanced interface circuit emulation board CE1B and a 120Ω balanced interface circuit emulation board CE1BB. Both boards also provide 32 E1 interfaces, and use serial GE bus to connect with the main control processing board of the system’s active and standby switching.

8) Single-port STM-1 optical interface circuit emulation board CL1A board. The CL1A single board provides an STM-1 optical interface to the outside, and completes part of the overhead processing function of the SDH on the STM-1 optical line. At the same time, the CL1A is also the SDH emulation board of the C220, and the backplane uses a GE serial interface to connect to the data exchange plane.

2. ONU equipment

ZXA10F809 device adopts built-in beam splitter design, its physical appearance and front panel are shown in Figure 2.

The device has the ability to carry Ethernet/IP services, supports 1 or 4 FE Ethernet interfaces, has scalability, and provides 1 or 2 PON interfaces; transparent transmission of various power communication protocols, and the ability to carry RS232/485 serial port services, support 2 PON ports for uplink, and optionally support E1 port.

EPON equipment
Figure 2 – Appearance and front panel of ZXA10F809 device

3. ODN equipment

Take Huawei box-flick pigtail-1:2 (10/90)-optical splitter as an example, the appearance is shown in Figure 3.

EPON equipment
Figure 3 – Optical splitter

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