SDH equipment

The configuration of SDH equipment is basically the same. This book uses the 1660SM model of ALCATE as an example for description. 1660SM equipment subrack front panel structure diagram. The size of the subrack is 482 (width) × 250 (depth) × 650 (height) mm.

SDH equipment
1660SM equipment subrack front panel structure diagram
  1. SDH device panel
    Take 1660SM 2.5G as an example, its matrix cross capacity is 96×96 VC4 or 4032×4032 VC12. The maximum interface is 4×STM-16; the maximum is 16×STM-4; the maximum is 64×STM-1 or 140Mbit/s; the maximum is 48×34/45Mbit/s; the maximum is 378×2Mbit/s; the maximum is 400×l0/100Mbit/ s Eth/FE interface; maximum l28 GE interfaces; equipment protection (1+1, l:N). Network protection STM-N port provides 2-wire multiplex section protection ring (2F MS-SPRing), multiplex section protects MSP, and provides channel protection with and without monitoring signals on all VC levels (SNCP/I and SNCP/N) ), provides IP Ethermet (Ethernet) business capabilities, and provides AU4-4c & AU4-16c cascading.
  2. SDH main interface disk
    1660SM matrix disk, 1660SM power disk, 2M disk (interface), 2M disk (extended interface), 155M disk (port), 155M disk (extended interface), monitoring disk, 155M electrical port, 155M optical port, short-distance 622M disk, Long-distance 622M disk, enhanced long-distance 622M disk, short-distance 2.5G disk, long-distance 2.5G disk, enhanced long-distance 2.5G disk, in addition to business and clock access disk, Ethernet board, 10dB optical amplifier, 15dB optical put.